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Customer Service

Let our experienced customer service team act as your friendly front line. We can respond to your customers via phone, email and fax in any of the following areas you choose:

  • product information
  • promotions and special offers
  • shipping information and followup
  • order confirmation and followup
  • company policies (ie: refund) and information
  • receipt of mail and fax orders, order entry

Call Center Services

Our Call Center is staffed by experienced, high-energy agents, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer highly competitive rates and exceptional service. Toll free lines assigned to your ad campaign if you require them, or direct your existing toll free line to our call center. No campaign too large or too small. As much or as little service provision as you require. Full statistical reporting for your campaign(s).

Shipping, Fulfillment and Inventory Management

We can set you up with the most cost competitive and efficient shipping and warehousing operations in the world, and provide any of the following services you choose:

  • order tracking/liaison with shipping companies
  • monitoring of inventory levels/inventory management reporting
  • inventory replenishment - liaison with manufacturers and fulfillment centers
  • inventory reconciliation

Credit Card Processors

We can set you up with your own merchant accounts, and provide any of the following services you choose:

  • interface systems to connect your websites to credit card processors
  • monitoring and failovers for processing systems
  • analysis and adjudication of refund requests and returns
  • investigation and prevention of chargebacks and fraud
  • monitoring and reconciliation of processor payments, holdbacks and fees

Software Systems

We can provide you with the most sophisticated systems to help you promote and manage your business:

  • customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • affiliate program software and tools
  • ad campaign tracking software
  • sales and statistical reporting systems
  • promotional mailing systems and tracking
  • order systems

Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance

We can develop, host and maintain your websites and network infrastructure. Take advantage of our buying power to get the best rates on:

  • website hosting/bandwidth
  • website development
  • directional/geographical DNS
  • 24x7 website monitoring/failover/redundancy

Affiliate Programs and Support

We offer the most comprehensive and respected affiliate software programs available, and back these up with knowledgeable affiliate program managers who will support and coach your sales affiliates. Sales affiliates have the potential to be the solid foundation of your internet business, but you won't attract them or keep them if you have inferior systems and support. We can launch a successful affiliate program for you, and ensure you remain on top in this highly competitive industry.

Administration and Reporting

You'll receive a high level of reporting as part of the package for any DM Contact services you choose. We will provide you with the customized reporting you require, in the format you choose. Some of the many possibilities:

  • sales reports
  • inventory reports
  • customer relationship management reports
  • fraud, chargeback and refund reports
  • traffic and conversion reports for websites, affiliate sites, referrers, ad campaigns


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