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Our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We apply the ethics and principles of our Code of Conduct in delivery of our services to each and every client:

  • Honesty (make realistic deadlines, meet them, and don't tell someone you can do something if you can't)
  • Integrity (if you make a promise - keep it)
  • Fairness and Flexibility (pass savings on to the client, adjust service packages to accommodate the client)
  • Accountability (take responsibility and if you make a mistake rectify it and compensate the client)
  • Empathy and Perspective (listen to the client, understand the client perspective)
  • Respect (treat the people you deal with as you would wish to be treated)
  • Efficiency (relentless pursuit of the most efficient service delivery methods)
  • Vision (new ideas and problem mitigation are vital to effective service delivery)


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